Vaping Basics

With so many ecigarette devices and eliquid options available at first vaping may seem confusing.  But with this handy guide on the basics you’ll discover everything you need to make your first vaping experiences a success.

If you want an introduction to the basics of vaping then read on.  An electronic cigarette, or ecigarette, simulates the effects of smoking by converting a liquid, known as eliquid or ejuice, into vapour. The eliquid itself is in part nicotine, so you get your nicotine hit in this way – unless you’re vaping only for flavour and using a zero-nicotine eliquid. The vapour is a substitute for the smoke you’d inhale when smoking a traditional cigarette.

eliquid ingredients

There is one fundamental difference between smoking and vaping that has led to organisations such as Public Health England claiming it’s 95% safer than smoking. Vapour comes from the process of heating whereas traditional smoke comes from the process of burning. Supporters of ecigarettes argue that the burning is what produces so many of the dangerous chemicals associated with traditional smoking.

Vaping Basics

Another major difference with vaping is the flexibility with flavour. Eliquid can be any flavour and vapers regularly switch flavours. Many have an ‘all-day-vape’.

What is Eliquid?

e liquid Flavours


One of the major differences between smoke and vapour is the flavour. Eliquid has infinite flavour possibilities and flavour is one of just three or four basic ingredients that make up eliquid.

VG eliquid


Vegetable Glycerine (VG) is used in the food industry as a sweetener, preservative or thickening agent, while in cosmetics it’s found in moisturisers. In regards to vaping VG gives you the ‘cloud’ and it’s non-toxic. It’s thick and requires more power to vapourise, but can produce more vapour.

PG e liquid


Propylene Glycol (PG) is used in a variety of applications, for example inhalers, and produces the ‘throat hit’, similar to that when smoking. PG shows no evidence of being carcinogenic or toxic. PG is thinner than VG and therefore doesn’t need as much power to become a vapour.


Nicotine for eliquids


The final ingredient is nicotine, however many people choose to enjoy vape with nicotine free eliquid, and choose to vape purely for the flavour choices.